Carving their niche near a historic quarry

Citizen science and restoration protect Aquia Creek

A group of volunteers from a community service organization called Green Aquia in Stafford County, Virginia, has helped their waterway weather strong storms and harmful bacteria.

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Carving their niche near a historic quarry

Foraging for fungi in the woods of Pennsylvania

Oft-overlooked fungi help keep forests healthy

Walk alongside "fungi enthusiast" Jerry Hassinger—who has written, photographed and spoken about the importance of fungi for most of his life—as he hikes through the Ned Smith Center for Nature & Art.

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Foraging for fungi in the woods of Pennsylvania

‘Flood buckets’ raise oysters for South River

Nonprofit repurposes paint buckets to grow bivalves

For years, the South River Federation and John Flood, one of its founders, have worked to give oysters a fighting chance and some good real estate in the South River.

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‘Flood buckets’ raise oysters for South River

Six uncommon, unique environmental jobs

'Green collar' jobs you might have heard of

Some environmental jobs—like wildlife biologist or clean water activist—seem obvious. But there are plenty of not-so-obvious green collar jobs that make a difference at every scale.

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Six uncommon, unique environmental jobs

Months after flood, Ellicott City rebuilds

Historic city recovers from 1,000-year flood

On July 30, stormwater runoff and heavy rainfall led the Patapsco River to rise 13 feet in 100 minutes. The resulting flood caused large-scale damage from which Ellicott City is still recovering.

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Months after flood, Ellicott City rebuilds

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    Critter of the Month

    Northern Bobwhite

    January's Critter - The northern bobwhite is a small, rounded bird that lives in patchworks areas of fields, forests and cropland.

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    • ChesapeakeStat


      A tool to assess progress and enhance accountability and transparency.

    • Chesapeake Bay TMDL

      Chesapeake Bay TMDL

      The EPA established a "pollution diet" to reduce nutrients and sediment in the Bay.

    • Bay Executive Order

      Bay Executive Order

      Calls on the federal government to lead a renewed effort to restore the Bay.

    • Maryland BayStat

      Maryland BayStat

      A powerful statewide tool designed to assess and coordinate Bay restoration.

    Bay Program issues final two-year work plans

    watershed agreement

    In 2014, our partners signed the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement, establishing goals, outcomes, management strategies and work plans to guide the restoration of the Bay, its tributaries and the lands around them.

    Restoring Wetlands on Agricultural Lands

    Between 2010 and 2015, 7,623 acres of wetlands were established, rehabilitated or reestablished on agricultural lands in the Bay watershed.

    Photo Credit: rolftoch/Flickr

    Pick Up Pet Waste

    Pick up after your pet. Pet waste contains nutrients and bacteria that can wash into local waterways if left on the ground.

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