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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the Chesapeake Bay? Explore our list of frequently asked questions to learn more about the Bay and its watershed, habitats and wildlife. You can browse the FAQ by category, or explore the answers to some of our most common questions below.

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Where do nutrients come from?

Are there sharks in the Chesapeake Bay?

What is an ecosystem?

How big is the Chesapeake Bay?

How deep is the Chesapeake Bay?

What is an anadromous fish?

What are benthos?

What is the difference between epifauna and infauna?

What is an example of a benthic community?

Why do scientists monitor phytoplankton?

Why does the Chesapeake Bay need plankton?

What are zooplankton?

What are phytoplankton?

How do you measure salinity?

What is the Chesapeake Bay's average salinity?

How is fresh water brought into the Chesapeake Bay?

How is salt water brought into the Chesapeake Bay?

How does salinity change as you move through the Chesapeake Bay?

What is the Chesapeake Bay's salinity range?

Why does salinity change?

Is the Chesapeake Bay's water salty?

Where is the Chesapeake Bay saltiest?

What is salinity?

What is the largest estuary in the United States?

Why are estuaries important?

What is the difference between an estuary and a river?

What is an estuary?

What are the effects of poor water clarity?

How can people help improve water clarity?

How do scientists measure water clarity?

What causes poor water clarity?

Can animals swim out of the dead zone to safety?

How do you measure dissolved oxygen?

How does oxygen get into the water?

Does the amount of oxygen in the water change with depth?

How much dissolved oxygen do the Bay's animals need?

What affects the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water?

What is a dead zone?

Why is dissolved oxygen important?

What is dissolved oxygen?

Why are underwater grasses important?

How does temperature affect the growth of underwater grasses?

How does a loss of underwater grasses affect other parts of the Chesapeake Bay?

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