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Tracking Tools

The Chesapeake Bay Program uses a suite of tools to track our work toward restoring the Chesapeake Bay. These tools are part of ChesapeakeStat: a framework that explains how we are governed, how we work and how we can be held accountable for what we do.


ChesapeakeProgress will help federal, public and internal oversight groups track our progress toward the goals and outcomes of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement. It will include scientific data and information about environmental health, habitat restoration and funding. Because the Watershed Agreement supports the achievement of the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), ChesapeakeProgress will offer access to a TMDL tracker that displays data stored in the BayTAS database. This interactive tool visualizes the “pollution diet’s” baseline data, interim goal projections and nutrient and sediment load allocations. It allows users to view pollution data by river basin, jurisdiction, stream segment or source sector.


ChesapeakeDecisions will support the process of adaptive management, which was adopted by the Principals’ Staff Committee in 2011. Our success in restoring the Bay will require all of our partners to follow this decision-making framework: to learn while doing, take actions without guarantees, support effective monitoring, transparently assess progress and redirect efforts when needed.


ChesapeakeData will make our extensive data resources more accessible.

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